Student Evaluation III

Posted: April 4, 2016 in Sistem Informasi Akuntansi


Mark the appropriate options in bracket with the correct statement!


  1. Usually performed as part of a broader financial audit
  2. A compilation of all journal vouchers posted to the general ledger
  3. Chart that reflects the relationship among the many activities that constitute the implementation process.
  4. Computer’s control program
  5. A book of accounts that reflects the financial effects of the firm’s transactions after they are posted from the various journals
  6. Systems that assemble transactions into groups for processing
  7. Equivalents to adjectives in the English language that serve to describe the objects
  8. The theft, misuse or misappropriation of assets by altering computer readable records and files
  9. Documentation technique used to represent the relationship among activities and users in a system
  10. A database model that represents data in a structure and permits only single parent record for each child
  11. Facts that cause the user to take an action that she or he couldn’t taken
  12. Phenomena that affect changes in resources
  13. To produce a detailed description of the proposed system that both satisfies the system requirements identified during systems analysis and is in accordance with the conceptual design
  14. Using this we can physically connected logically related tables to achieve the associations described in the data model
  15. Horizontal bar chart that presents time on a horizontal plane and activities on a vertical plane
  16. Software that allows auditors to access electronically coded data files and perform various operations on their contents
  17. The blueprint of what ultimately will become the physical database
  18. Document that authorizes the storekeeper to release materials to individuals Or work centers in the production process
  19. Records that include details of all transactions, including cash sales, miscellaneous receipts and cash received.
  20. Accounting records that trace transactions from their source documents to the financial statements

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