European Higher Education Fair 2013

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Praise be to Allah, the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds; God who has been giving His blessing and mercy to the writer to complete the event report entitled “European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) 2013

In finishing this report, the writer really gives his regards and thanks for people who has given guidance and help; they are :

  1. Mrs. Ovalia, as the Business English teacher, who has given her best guidance to write a report.
  2. My parents, who always give their supports.

Finally, the writer realizes there are unintended errors in writing this report. He really allows all readers to give their suggestion to improve its content in order to be made as one of the good examples for the next report. Hopefully, this report can be useful for readers and expanding horizons. Thank you.

Jakarta, 2nd December 2013


Muhammad Arief Fauzi





1.1. Background of the Writing

Indonesia is and will become even more an attractive education market. The political stability and steady economic growth will lead to an increasingly larger middle class. More students will be able to afford to study abroad and the interest for the traditional non-European study destinations is decreasing in favour of new study destinations in Europe. This, combined with fact that a foreign degree is still seen as an entry ticket to better career perspectives and the local imbalance in supply and demand of quality educational programmes, makes Indonesia an interesting and potential education market.

In 2004, the Institute of International Education (IIE) estimated that 0.9% of Indonesian tertiary students went abroad, equivalent to some 30,000 students based on a total pool of 3,441,429 tertiary students in Indonesia at that time. UNESCO’s estimation of the total number in 2004 is comparable, i.e. 31,687. This market potential is strongly increasing considering the growing middle-class.

In addition, there are a total of 3,500 new Indonesian students starting studies in Europe every year and more than 1,300 students got the scholarships provided by the EU and its Member States. The European Union (EU) records the number of Indonesian students studying in Europe increased by more than 30% compared to last year.

In 2008, as part of the Asia-Link Programme, a consortium consisting of CampusFrance, DAAD, Nuffic Neso and British Council successfully organized and implemented the 1st European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Indonesia. This event is a part of a series of seven events in Asia during 2006-2008, which was funded by the European Commission. During the event, the consortium found very positive feedbacks from the exhibitors and visitors.




2.1. Background of the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF)

The European Higher Education Fair – Indonesia 2013 are an initiative of a consortium composed of 5 European agencies British Council, Campus France, DAAD, and Nuffic Neso Indonesia, and Uni-Italia with support from European Commission Delegation to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and East Timor.

Europe remains one of the leading study and research destinations for international students, offering both cutting-edge education and value for money. European Higher Education Institutions are offering: high academic standards, a great variety of international degree programs, advanced research facilities and a most impressive diversity of cultures, languages and societies. This is what attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign students each year to study in Europe.

In response to the positive result of past EHEFs, the EHEF Committee and Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam presents the 5th European Higher Education Fair in Indonesia, that serves as a facility to accommodate the dissemination of information on Study in Europe as an alternative destination to pursue excellent quality of higher education for Indonesian students and professionals.

The 5th European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Indonesia will be held in Surabaya and Jakarta. There are 115 institutions from 15 European countries in the EHEF Jakarta. In Jakarta the EHEF will be held at Puri Agung Convention Hall, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel on Jl. Jend. Sudriman 86 Jakarta on 12th – 13rd October 2013. This fair is open for public and free of charge. The visitors can visit the fair at 11.00 – 18.00.

Meanwhile the EHEF in Surabaya will be held at Grand City Ballroom 4th floor, Jl. Walikota Mustajab on Wednesday, 9th October 2013 at 14.00 – 19.00. Differently in Jakarta, the EHEF 2013 in Surabaya will be followed by 70 universities from 14 European countries.


2.2. Objectives of the EHEF

The objective of the EHEF is to provide opportunity for Indonesian students and academicians in pursuing their education at higher education level by raising their awareness on study opportunities and scholarships offered by European HEIs and institutions. EHEF will also facilitate collaboration between HEIs in Europe and Indonesia aiming at improving education quality in Indonesian HEIs and encouraging students, staff and academicians mobility.


2.3. Reasons to Study in Europe

The continent of Europe is one of the centers for information and technology development. Recently, Europe has 4000 higher education institutions, from top-level research establishments to small, teaching-focused colleges, with more than 17 million students and 1.5 million academicians where 435,000 of them are researchers. Europe has a world reputation as the location of prestigious learning.

In addition to the excellence in education in Europe, students could experience extensive cultural exchange because of the European diversity, where tiny principalities sit side-by-side with many of the world’s leading economies. Quality, Diversity and Opportunities are the main reason why you should study in Europe.

1.      Quality

  • Excellence

Europe has a world-wide reputation as a centre of excellence in learning. Year after year, European universities rank prominently among the top 100 in the world.

  • Quality assured

Europe is developing a scheme of quality assurance. A comprehensive quality control process is planned for 2010, by when Europe will be emblematic of a guarantee of quality in higher education.

  • Lasting legacy

A rich academic heritage is based around many landmarks in human knowledge, and today’s European higher education institutions benefit from this lasting legacy.

2.      Diversity

  • Choice

There are thousands of higher education institutions in Europe to choose from, offering a great variety of degree programs. From leading research universities to small, friendly teaching colleges, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

  • Tradition and innovation

Immerse yourself in a continent with a wealth of traditions and a history as rich and varied as its many peoples and landscapes. At the same time, Europe is a hotbed of research and innovation, home to first-class resources and top scientists working in fields ranging from medicine to space travel, from nanotechnology to polar research, and from ICT to nuclear fusion.

  • Multicultural

Europe offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic, multinational environment. Besides earning a world-class qualification, you’ll have the chance to learn new languages and intercultural skills that are of great value to future employers and an essential advantage in an ever-changing world.

3.      Opportunity

  • World-renowned

Studying in Europe gives you a top-quality education which will be respected the world over.

  • Opening doors

Employers won’t only be impressed by your education; they’ll also appreciate the other skills you will have acquired. Your time in Europe will prepare you for the global economy, developing assets such as self-reliance, independence and intercultural and linguistic abilities that will set you apart from the competition.

  • Springboard for your travels

Always wanted to explore Europe? Studying here provides the perfect launch-pad for your travels. Take the chance to visit our great cities, bathe on our beautiful beaches, ski in the Alps or join in the fiesta.


2.4. The Programs of the EHEF

The EHEF has 3 programs, such as presentation, consultation with the official representatives of European higher education institutions, and face painting. To visit the EHEF, the visitors must register online on and print an email that has been seen by EHEF Indonesia as an entry ticket. If you didn’t register online yet, you can register through manual when you arrive at the registration table, but it takes a few minutes because there will be many visitors who visit this fair. After registration, you will get a bag and a book about EHEF Indonesia. Then, you can go to the booth from the country that you would like to know.

Presentation Schedule EHEF Jakarta











The presentation will be held from 12.05 – 18.00 in the presentation room. There are many institutions from the European countries, such as DAAD, Neso Indonesia, Campus France, British council and many more. To enter the room, you have to queue because there are many visitors who also want to listen to the presentation. In the presentation room, there are some representatives from those institutions who give the information about education in their countries.

For example, DAAD. Deutscher Akademischer Austautch Dienst (DAAD) or in English is the German Academic Exchange Service is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. They present about Germany, the education system in Germany, the German language, how to study in Germany, how to get a scholarship to study in Germany, how much the tuition fees, and German cultures. The presentation takes about 20 minutes each institution and there is no question time because they don’t have enough time to answer the visitors’ questions.

List of Countries and Exhibitors in EHEF 2012











EHEF Jakarta has 120 institutions from 15 European countries. The visitors can go to the booth to ask for the detail information to the representative of the university. There are two people who will answer your questions each booth, a representative from the university and an Indonesian volunteer who have ever studied overseas. You need to speak English if you want to ask for the information because a representative of the university cannot speak Indonesian.

For example, you are going to University of Birmingham’s booth and you would like to ask about how to study there and the scholarship, he/she will answer your question until you understand. He/she also gives you a brochure about the university, for bachelor, master, and doctoral (depends on the program that you want to enroll). He/she tells you about how much the tuition fee, the living cost in Great Britain, and the scholarship. All universities ask you to provide the certificate of language skill, such as TOEFL iBT , IELTS as a requirement document to enroll.

Face Painting

Face painting is the best program for the visitors, especially the college students. The visitors can choose one or more European flags to be painted on face, hand, or even lips. First of all, the visitor must queue to take the queue number. After that, the visitors give the number to one of the painters. After your face painted, the photographer will take your picture with your own style. You can find your photo on Facebook after being edited with the landmark of one of the European countries.

According to EHEF Facebook the number of visitors for the EHEF 2013 is 13,742. Surabaya: 2,268 visitors, Jakarta 1st day: 5,234 visitors and Jakarta 2nd day: 6,240 visitors. It is increased about 3,000 visitors from the last year, 10,049 visitors.


2.5. The Strengths and Weakness of the EHEF

The strengths of the EHEF Indonesia 2013 are

1.         Country Presentation

During the country and EU presentations at both EHEF Jakarta and EHEF Surabaya, visitors have the opportunity to find out more about study opportunities and scholarship programs.

2.         Discover funding possibilities for Studying in Europe.

European and national governments offer various scholarship schemes for Indonesian students who wish to study in Europe. Individual higher education institutions from the EU also offer financial support to students.

3.         Meet the official representatives of European higher education institutions.

Meet directly with official representatives from European higher education institutions and national representations and get first-hand information about details of their study programmes, enrolment procedures, scholarship, language requirements, living conditions and other related issues

The weakness of EHEF Indonesia 2013 is the location is only in 2 big cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Surabaya. So that the people outside Java island can’t visit this fair.





3.1. Conclusions

The European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia, organized by the European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture provides opportunity for Indonesian students and academicians in pursuing their education at higher education level by raising their awareness on study opportunities and scholarships.

The European Union (EU) records the number of Indonesian students studying in Europe increased by more than 30% compared to last year. There are a total of 3,500 new Indonesian students starting studies in Europe every year. European Higher Education Institutions are also offering: high academic standards, a great variety of international degree programs, advanced research facilities and a most impressive diversity of cultures, languages and societies.


3.2. Recommendation

In the light of these conclusions, I recommend that the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) should be held in more than 2 cities in Indonesia, so the other Indonesian students who are from outside the Java Island can visit this fair and have a chance to get the information about studying in Europe. In addition, the EHEF could also invite all European countries to participate on this fair and add some universities in every country.


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