Posted: April 28, 2013 in Bahasa Inggris 2


One upon a time there are five university students from Forensic Medical Majors, Tokyo University, who will examine human corpse. They are Kaji Daiki, Ishimatsu Ryousuke, Kuboaki Kanako, Kirihata Teppei, and Hanei Akira. Before examining a human corpse, the prepared everything that needed as a forensic students. After that, they entered the autopsy room and the teacher Mr. Sagawa has been waiting for them.

The human corpse that had to be done autopsi named Imanari Takumi. His all bodies found in fire. And the teacher Mr. Sagawa said “Let’s start the autopsy”. Then the autopsy was started and the studens need to be careful on working. While they were doing autopsy, they found a virus in his body, a Hepatitis B and it was very dangerous.

They have not known about that virus yet, even the teacher because the virus was known as a new virus in that era. “We had to work very carefully”, said the teacher after finding a new virus. The students were silent suddenly. After several times the autopsy finally finished. The students looked happy “Ahh, finally we have finished:, said the students.

Then Mr. Sagawa asked Teppei to bring the sample from the autopsy to be analysed. After that, he brought the sample to forensic room, but he crushed it and the sample was fallen down. After hearing that, Mr. Sagawa went to Teppei and he found the sample broken. Teppei’s finger came out blood. Mr. Sagawa took him up to wastafel to clean the blood up from his finger with the water. Mr. Sagawa also took him to the nearby hospital to get nursing.

After hearing that, Daiki, Ryousuke, Kanako and Akira directly went to hospital to visit Teppei. They were very sad seeing Teppei laying up the bed. They wondered if someone who was infected by Hepatits B had no longer still alive, but they didn’t know exactly what Teppei was infected or not.

The following day later, Daiki and Konaka went to the police office to look for informations about the victim. The victim was known as a security guard who was found by one of the fireman and no one knew about the cause of the incident, but they did not know why the victim could be infected.

Then, they went back to the hospital to support Teppei. They were afraid if Teppei was infected and his life was not longer. They did not want to lose Teppei because he was their best friend in their life. After Teppei got nursing for 10 days in hospital, the doctor said that he was not infected by Hepatitis B virus and on that day the doctor mentioned that Teppei was healthy and free of any viruses.

That was a good news for Teppei and his best friends. And then he went out of the hospital and went back to the university. After that incident Teppei and his friends promised to theirself to identify that virus intensively at the university. Everyday they researched about the Hepatits B virus with their teacher Mr. Sagawa. After researching several months later, the Hepatitis B virus was known, the cause of it, and the vaccine was found, but they have not tested the vaccine yet.

In all over the world, the Hepatitis B virus infected some people, especially in the US. The virus caused 100,000 people passed away. The US government have not found the vaccine yet so the US government gave a scholarship to Teppei and his friends to continue their research in Harvad University, because they were the first people who have found the vaccine. Then they go to the US and stayed there for a year to tested what the vaccine worked or not for human. In urgent situation in the US, the government needed to take a decision quickly to rescue American people. After testing the vaccine, in fact the vaccine worked to human.

So Teppei and his friends could save American life. And they were achieved as a first Hepatitis B virus found in the world and they were given special rewards from the US government. Toappreciate their discovery in medical science, the US government made them a statue in the main street of New York. Finally they went back to Japan and they became famous in the world. The US government and the Japanese goverment became a friend.

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